j’ai donné mon âme, mon âme et mon amour

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge “Hater” Rant

RANT: I’m getting a bit annoyed with the ‪#‎icebucketchallenge‬ haters. Before this challenge, the most I knew about ALS was the name. That was it. The videos have prompted me to look up more information (which was one of the primary intentions, was it not?)

For those “haters,” stop assuming to know anything and everything. It’s pretentious, arrogant, and unbecoming. You don’t know whether or not the person has donated to the charity. From what I can tell, the majority have. Some even state clearly they have…but you have those idiots (yes, idiots) wanting to sound big and righteous. “They didn’t donate. This is stupid. This does nothing. Shut up and donate instead.” Etc., etc.

Open up your ears, and your eyes. Look at the facts. This time last year, the foundation made a little over $1 million. In the past few weeks, they have managed to raise more than $4 million.

How do I know that? Because I listen, and I pay attention.

Maybe you should too.
*drops mic*

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DoFP official still edit [25/?]  (x)


DoFP official still edit [25/?] (x)


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Ferguson: Police arrested 31 as they clashed with protesters in another night of gunfire, teargas and chaos in Ferguson 10 days after the shooting of an unarmed teenager ignited an uproar over race in America.

• Read the latest report from Ferguson 

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I still think “friendzone” should be a big calzone you share with your friends. 


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is it wrong to be in love with an electric car

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The Chief of Police justifies the use of a tazer on an 8 year old girl by saying they could have used their guns or batons, essentially. What restraint.

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